Region VIII Leadership Academy


Do you answer yes to any of the following questions?

  • Do you have a desire to further develop your leadership skills?
  • Has your leadership potential been recognized by constituent society officers, board members or others in leadership roles?
  • Have you demonstrated leadership potential by participating in leadership activities within constituent society organizations?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and you are currently a member of ASCLS, we want YOU!

What is Leadership Academy?

The Region VIII Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity to educate yourself about management topics, leadership skills and all things ASCLS.  

Participants in the Academy will be enrolled in a one-year program that will develop their leadership skills, strengthen their knowledge and understanding about ASCLS and allow them to make a valuable contribution to ASCLS. Candidates can self-nominate or be nominated by a co-worker, fellow ASCLS member, supervisor, etc. 

We are looking for motivated candidates to enroll now!

If you are interested in participating in the next class of the R8LA, please contact Joni Gilstrap at 

Why Leadership Academy?

Personal accounts:

Franki-Marie Herdt, ASCLS-WY 2017 Graduate

"The reason I applied for the Leadership Academy is because I wanted to know more about ASCLS and what I could do in my current position to make more of a difference. I got so much more than that! Not only did I learn more about the structure and history of ASCLS, I learned what kind of leader I was. This has helped me, not only within ASCLS, but also with my current job. I recommend this to any and everyone because of all the information and amazing people you will meet! The Region VIII Leadership Academy family is an amazing group of people who really care and want to help you succeed in everything you want to do! I can say I definitely made some life long friends and mentors!"

Diana Thompson, ASCLS-Idaho 2015 Graduate

"The ASCLS Region VIII Leadership Academy met all my expectations and more. It was an opportunity to meet and network with successful leaders in the organization throughout the year. The knowledge and confidence I gained helped me in my future leadership roles in ASCLS and in the hospital work setting. I never fully understood the importance of every single member and all that goes on behind the scenes of this incredible organization until I became a graduate of the Region VIII Leadership Academy."

Abbey Whichman, ASCLS-Montana 2018 Graduate

"The Region VIII Leadership Academy has been instrumental in my involvement at the regional level in the ASCLS organization. Before the leadership academy I never understood the level of commitment that others are involved with in ASCLS. These instructors have become more than mentors, they have become true friends that I can lean on in work and in my personal life. This class has not only helped me finesse my career, but has also helped me better communicate and gain a brand new skill sets along the way. This is not only a phenomenal opportunity for potential leaders but also a great chance to learn more about yourself and who you want to become in your career."

Region VIII Leadership Academy Documents

Download the Application and other documents here!

Region VIII Leadership Academy Application.2020 Class (doc)


R8LA Flyer (pdf)


Call for Interns.2019.schedule. (doc)